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Hoof it for Haiti- Seeds of Hope 5K - Southbury

"Bringing hope to Haiti...one step at a time..."

Sacred Heart Church of Southbury is excited to invite you to participate in our Seventh Annual Hoof it for Haiti- Seeds of Hope 5K Southbury Run & Walk on Saturday, April 29, 2017. Your participation in this fundraiser is what allows us to support the many programs and individual projects we have established through our twinning relationship with the people of Our Lady of Seven Sorrows in Grand Boulage, Haiti.

This past year, through the generous donations of our sponsors and supporters, we have been able to make access to healthcare a reality in Grand Boulage! On Monday, October 10th of this past year over 100 patients were seen at the inaugural visit of Dr. Wilken's mobile medical clinic, which is now making weekly visits to the people of Our Lady of Seven Sorrows. These historic first steps will ensure a healthier population in our parish village. Funds raised will continue to support this mobile clinic as well as support teachers' salaries, provide textbooks, sustain the school canteen, and meet the various other needs of the village. We are extremely grateful for your on-going commitment to the people of our twin parish in Haiti! Your help is definitely needed to continue this great mission.

We are also extremely grateful to the members of the Hoof it for Haiti race committee at St. Elizabeth Seton Church in Rocky Hill for their assistance and guidance in setting up this annual race event.

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